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The ETERNA line is our flagship; the pride and joy of our company. Trusted by the people of Indonesia for over 40 years, it is only achievable through consistency in quality. Featuring one of the industry's strongest PVC insulations, each individual roll follows rigorous testing and strict quality control.


ETERNA is trusted by millions. How we thrive for decades, not merely survive without aggressive advertisement and marketing is determined by one simple thing: our ability to deliver top-quality cables with consistency. 



Endlessly smooth.

All ETERNA cables are manufactured to be sleek both to the eyes and to the touch.

Our signature Bare Copper White.


Unlike true whites that can easily be stained, our signature color will always remain timeless, while also being easier to the eyes.


Your safety is our number one priority.

We are truly committed to keep you and your whole family safe. That is why we commit to the highest standards for the ultimate safety.

Hassle-free installations.

Designed with a coating of calcium carbonate for easy-to-peel and stick-free insulation.

Made to last.

Tested to the core, so insulations don't crack or break behind your walls.


Top-of-the-line resistance.

Research and development proven cables of low resistance. 

Available Colors

ETERNA Sunrise Red
ETERNA Mix Yellow
ETERNA Eternal Black
ETERNA Deep Blue
ETERNA Bare Copper White

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